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Designed as an introductory guide to growing and designing with variegated plants, our ebook will help you unlock the beauty of these unique and striking plants, providing you with all the information you need to grow, care for, and propagate variegated plants. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener looking to expand your collection or a beginner just starting out, our ebook has everything you need to know to create stunning indoor and outdoor spaces with variegated plants.
  • 7 Chapters
  • Green Growth & Self-Improvement
  • Unlock your plants’ full potential


Valuable information helping you to better understand these unique and fascinating species


Stay focused on the plant basics, and grow your knowledge over time.


Just enough information to get you started on your journey into plant variegation.

"A concrete introduction to plant variegation concepts and techniques."

Full Chapter Overview

Concepts covered in this brief but comprehensive ebook.

Chapter 1: Introduction to variegation

Introduction to variegated planst, their benefits and downsides.

Chapter 2: Popular variegated plant species

Choosing the best plant for your space requires consideration of several factors.

Chapter 3: Propagation techniques

Common methods for propagating variegated plants.

Chapter 4: Caring for variegated plants

Light and watering specifics, managing pests, fertilization and soil care.

Chapter 5: Using variegated plants in design

Popular ways to incorporate variegated plants into indoor spaces.

Chapter 6: Advanced topics

Overview of Genetics, Plant Breeding, Mutagenesis, Grafting & Emerging Trends.

Chapter 7: Further reading

Take it to the next level with these resources for learning more about variegation.

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With clear and concise information, this ebook is the ultimate guide to unlocking plant variegation and achieving your green growing goals. So why not start a new hobby today with the power of knowledge about plant variegation?

What’s included?

Both epub and pdf formats are included to read on any device. Optional chapterized mp3/m4b audiobook.

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Chad Geppetto

Chad Geppetto

- Author, Trainer. Plant Lover.

Plant variegation is a unique and fascinating phenomenon that has captured the attention of gardeners and plant enthusiasts for centuries. As an experienced plant enthusiast with a passion for variegation, I love to share my knowledge and insights with others through writing. I hope to help many plant lovers learn more about the care, propagation, and design of variegated plants. With a focus on providing practical and helpful advice, I wish to be an inspiration for those interested in these unique and beautiful plants.

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